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  • Image of Custom Fit : Azure
  • Image of Custom Fit : Azure
  • Image of Custom Fit : Azure
  • Image of Custom Fit : Azure

Ultra light, comfortable and breathable
Nose wire for custom fit

Sustainably made from rescued fabric samples and remnants
Cotton Jersey exterior. Cotton interior.
Pocket for filter of your choice.

Ear straps on: Small and Medium
Head Straps on: Large and Extra Large
Tighten elastic as needed. Slide bead up or down elastic.

~ Size (see image)

Small: Ladies height 5.75” x width 9.25”
Medium: Ladies height 6” x width 9.75”
Large: Mens. height 7.5” x width 10”
Xtra Large: Mens. height 8.5” x width 10”

Washing and Care:
Mask has been pre-washed in Hot water.

Sanitized by:
-Spraying w/ Liquid Hand Sanitizer (link below)
(add a drop of peppermint oil, for a refreshing scent)
-Steaming for 1 minute
-Hand wash w/ soap, warm water, Rinse. Remove filter before washing.
-Dry on curved surface.
-Mask can be ironed

Store in a clean area.


We will donate a mask or scrub cap with each purchase.

Masks are not medical grade.

All Mask sales are final, for hygienic reasons.

Handmade in California by my Mom. Diane @DaughterOfTheCharm

Link to Paloma Soledad interview and Fashion Mask story:

Spray Hand Sanitizer (sustainably made, food grade)